VIRAL VIDEO! Hillary and Bill Clinton on Delta Commercial Flight! QANON

Hillary & Bill Clinton spotted on Delta Flight GOING VIRAL !! Qanon !!

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  1. why didnt' she just use her broom to fly?

  2. Bill Clinton thought he was the DEL-ee -TA. Express. (Delta flight )

  3. Why hasn't made a citizens arrest ?

  4. Ya but prior to Trump being elected they never flew Commercial
    Flights, like Delta or United! They always flew private

  5. Bill lost all of his presidential perks when he was impeached. At least he should have.

  6. Hi everyone geo bush lied…rapist and pedo like daddy b….trying to block all truth ….

  7. this is how she travels 2 year after an election goes south and tax dollars stop coming in. you dont wright books when you have money. this is something people do when they are broke. im assuming that she had to pay back special interest who funded her campaign perhaps Saudi Arabia and Russia heard she took a bunch of money out of her Uranium 1 deal to fund campaign welcome to the middle class scumbags.

  8. MAN YOU SUX if you want to pretend to be a DJ KNOW what your doing, you , dhuu, ummm, uhhhh, and put pauses that make no sense. and I was syndicated in the 80s – 108 cities nationwide .and Im a conservative, but practice or go to school. you suck = smack smak, by the way the word is PRESIDENCE not President. – uuuh, grunt

  9. ITS ALL STAGED, THEY WANT TO LOOK JUST LIKE NORMAL PPL..She's running again, that's what this is all about

  10. Omg she looks like shes gained 200lbs. Is she wearing a bed sheet? ?

  11. Have a drink of water bro you’re making my mouth dry

  12. The Clintons have amassed $500 million as "public servants." America knows the Clintons are weasels. Thinking Americans despise the Clintons… for good reason(s).

  13. Hillary doesn't count, she's garbage. What book is Bill reading? Why? Symbolism. Trump is forcing him to our himself. Can't you see that? Quit ranting and look at the evidence.

  14. It is not common for Any potus to fly commercial. When was the last time a potus flew commercial?

  15. What book was Bill openly reading on a commercial plane? Why? He was told to by the man who has him by the balls, President Donald J. Trump. This is his perp walk. Rock on Potus.

  16. Clintons have security… its very normal for former Presidents to fly in commercial flights….they have money, if you only know their investments in Asia.

  17. The fact that people believe the whole "Q Anon" thing is stupid.
    A mystery man, woman or group, who works for the government….is leaking secret information to take down the Clinton's… Yeah….totally believable. I'd totally trust someone from the government….