Viral Video Hoax Dead's husband was beaten by a woman as she recoiled in her car


Viral Video Hoax A dead husband was hit by a woman while he was using his car

A viral video of the husband's wife was taken when the car returned, which resulted in the death of her husband named Lim Hendra. Gunawan in Surabaya has turned out to be HOAX.

The propagators of hoaxes are becoming more and more scandalous in modifying WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts to make the news more exciting.
The message broadcast indicated that the victim had died after being hospitalized.
Here is the content:
"The news of this grief is the parents of Dr. Raymond G. kls 12, nicolas G. kls 10 Petra1 SMA Eagen

I went home to Heavenly Father
Name: Lim, Hendra Gunawan
Date Born April 4, 1964
Date Died on July 29, 2018 at 10:00 pm
At the hospital Wiyung Sejahtera Surabaya
Placed in VIP room services Adi: G
Closed Assembly
July 31, 2018 at 2 pm
Buried in: Sukorejo
On: August 2nd, 2018
Hours: 8:00

The woman accidentally hit her husband when he brought back his car.
It's a lesson for us, not behind the car, when we ride the car, remind us also our children !!!

Lim Hendra Gunawan died on Sunday (7/29).
The incident occurred just after Lim took a shower.
After the bath sits, it seems to snore. Continue to be unconscious and taken to the hospital.

The initial messages that are broadcast are actually only up to the phrase "8:00".
I do not know who changed the message so as to disturb the feeling of the bereaved family.
In addition, until the video shows a woman who was backing her car in the garage of the house and hit her husband.
Wiyung police chief Kompol Rasyad said the person who broadcast the video was irresponsible.

It is not impossible that he investigates and traces the hoaxer spreader.

"Later, we will think of further investigation.It is the entry of the ITE law, because it spreads false news by means of electronic devices".

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