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"Spread the bleach" a hoax of the Kremlin? BBC Trending asks Anna Dovgalyuk

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Viral Video 100Rb Money Written by the Communist Party (PKI), Hoax?

[ad_1] The videos and logos of the PKI, as well as the long-barreled weapons, made it possible to watch and broadcast videos of 100,000 euro banknotes. True or not, the video is still under investigation. This video comes from an Instagram account alors.aben_tentaralebah [ad_2] source

Viral Video Hoax Dead's husband was beaten by a woman as she recoiled in her car

[ad_1] Viral Video Hoax A dead husband was hit by a woman while he was using his car A viral video of the husband's wife was taken when the car returned, which resulted in the death of her husband named Lim Hendra. Gunawan in Surabaya has turned out to be HOAX. The propagators of hoaxes … Read more