Viral toddler videos left to play with cobra snakes without attacking Even if they were beaten

[ad_1] TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a child playing with King Cobra viral on social networks. The video was shared with the Instagram @ smart.gram account in August. But the video went viral after being uploaded by Facebook Yuni Rusmini, Monday (17/09/2018). In a video that was circulating, we saw that a cobra was out to … Read more

Viral fatafat: a doctor beaten by nurses in Bihar's Katihar, the video becomes viral | ABP News

[ad_1] Viral Fatafat: a doctor beaten by nurses in the Katihar of Bihar, the video becomes viral These videos are viral on social networks. फाटाफैट फाटाफैट: बिहार के कटिहार में नर्सों द्वारा पीटा गया ये, ये वीडियो कटिहार मीडिया पर डॉक्टर हो गया To subscribe to our YouTube channel here: About Channel: ABP News is … Read more

A boy brutally beats a girl from Delhi VIRAL | A girl beaten and beaten by a boy from the institute

[ad_1] The son of a police officer brutally hits a girl and that is his profile. Case of Tilak Nagar Police Station, Delhi-110018 Dost aaram video bna rha hai?? Behind the reason Nhi pta .. Please share this video as much as you can A boy brutally beats a girl from Delhi VIRAL | Girl … Read more

Rohit Tomar Viral Video | Delhi Tilak Nagar Girls Beaten by Rohit Tomar

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Viral Video Hoax Dead's husband was beaten by a woman as she recoiled in her car

[ad_1] Viral Video Hoax A dead husband was hit by a woman while he was using his car A viral video of the husband's wife was taken when the car returned, which resulted in the death of her husband named Lim Hendra. Gunawan in Surabaya has turned out to be HOAX. The propagators of hoaxes … Read more