Viral video | IG Basant Rath Traffic slapping a man |


A video of the Inspector General of Traffic, Basant Rath, of the Jammu Kashmir Police, hitting a boy from the Srinagar region in the Lal Chowk region, became very virulent on social networks .
In this video of less than a minute, clicked at a distance, we can see Rath hitting young people, who they said were traffic offenders.

The IGP traffic responding to the video said the 40-second clip was part of a 25-minute conversation in that fateful afternoon.
The incident is more than two months old, Basant said.
He said that the guy who was slapped by a medical student from Delhi who was spending his holidays in Srinagar asked him questions of a political nature. "I responded with my heart, but I saw his friends recording my conversation station as I fell agitated;" Basant wrote. He said that this had happened when he realized that two of his friends were recording our conversation, adding that when he asked them to stop him, and delete the videos, they created a scene.




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  1. full of arrogant,how could he slap that person who first praise him than than asking for solving the problems caused by them.The IPS just want to be popular and doing publicity stunt in front of camera.

  2. U must show some etiquettes if u r talking to an IGP, an officer who himself works for the society whole day walking on roads, checking and all that, instead he can enjoy his position and power in A.C room. The mistake is of the gentleman. But these barricades should be removed which are placed by forces in midst of the road…

  3. Igp? Really? Frustrated, arrogant, vulgar, Who the hell gave him permission to assault a man like this. He is a moron. The kashmiri guy asked him a good question. So he is basically a dog of India and Indian will never understand the pain of kashmiris. I don't know why the hell kashmiri people support this moron.Outside kashmir no policeman will do such act which I can assure. the real reason is they know kashmir is going to be independent soon.

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