Viral video of MAGA teens harassed at the restaurant

Hasan Piker reviews the video on the viral MAGA hat in Texas. But is this evidence that a civil war occurred yesterday? .



  1. I do not agree with Fashist and Racist But deadass the man who is not racist is still wrong he assaulted a child. But deadass I still hate Racist and Fashist. But 2 wrongs don’t make a right

  2. There are countless incidents just like this one one youtube and no doubt many more that go completely unreported. The left has become entirely unhinged and now deranged trump haters pose the greatest threat to public safety ever known.

  3. Keep it up, I love watching you people ( LEFTIES ) eat yourselves alive. This guy has no clue because he's obviously been educated in an American university that that is run by leftists out to destroy America from within.

  4. The Young Turds justifying assault now. After all, when you vilify your political opponents you are justified in doing anything against them, right? That's the playbook you twats on the left are following now.

  5. Look, I'm 100% against the assault of anybody for their political beliefs. What this man did was horrible and I hope he is prosecuted fully. However, QUIT CALLING THE 16-YEAR-OLD A "CHILD." At that age, you are a young adult, adolescent, etc.

  6. All I have to say is…. TRUMP!!! (Usually enough to trigger any liberal in hearing range)

  7. When fascism does indeed come – and it will – it's not going to be a moment too soon. This dude absolutely needs a dose of castor oil.

  8. Wow this is a new low for you Hasan

  9. Didn't TYT once have over 5 million subscribers? Now they have less than 4 million.

  10. TYT is morally bereft and lost.

  11. To tyt if your not bias and doing the nepotism then why is this ignorant hack on your channel? You wanna call a 16 year old ignorant maybe your women-child since he’s not a man can claim something he has no evidence or facts about. Let’s make this clear your ability to produce and edit him makes you complicit in what he’s saying.

  12. yes, the young turds are racist fascists.

  13. What about the left wing Lakisha Jones attacking the 91 old Mexican in LA. LOL the hypocrisy

  14. Even though I've seen videos mocking the head size I never realised that there indeed is something off… must be all the closeups… but it ain't anything you can control. Anyway, fool as usual. Treat this as you would if the case was reversed, be fair. People can see how you act differently you know.

  15. I was PISSED thinking he said he took the hat and threw a drink in the face of a 60 year old!!
    Then I realized he said 16.. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe anyone should be getting physical with others, but damn this is nothing compared to what we are continuously seeing people of color go through like being tased while sitting on a curb, having the cops called while trying to have fun at the pool because some white man doesn't think you belong there, etc. Sorry you lost your hat kid, but I bet your parents have plenty more, and you've probably got their credit cards to buy all the Trump merchandise you'll ever want. Best wishes!

  16. UNSUBBED. youre literally saying we should suppress peoples first amendment. fk trump but fr just got my unsub for this. foh with the commie bs.

  17. So this guy is advocating for the battery of minors. Someone needs to look into his past and see what kind of criminal record he has.

  18. something is wrong with this guys brain. you cant just take someone's hat

  19. I bet this moron doesn't really know the definition of FASCISM…

  20. This host is sick. A kid wearing a hate does not make him dumb. You're trying to excuse the battery of a child by an adult.

  21. This is a sick man with a weirdly small head

  22. Remember that, when Cenk was a teenager, he was a right-wing tea-party asshole..
    (OK: maybe not THAT bad, but you get the idea). Nowadays, he's one of the people leading the progressive Democrat charge. If that isn't proof that people can change and mature as they get older….

  23. The 4Chan savants and Gamer Boy trolls are working their adolescent drivel here. Just a bunch of silly kids.
    Pay them no mind.

  24. Throwing the drink in their face was unnecessary

  25. So if I think the TYT are fascist then it's okay for me to attack and de-platform them? I mean you are named after a fascist organisation so …

  26. Even with this the left is trying to divide and sow more fear.
    Walk away folks.