Viral viral time: car slams into the agent

The policeman's astonishing reflexes save his life and another. More incredible moments like this on a new episode of Weather Gone Viral, Sunday at 9:00. .



  1. Really? The officer could have died. It is absolutely unacceptable for The Weather Channel to use this footage as "viral" video and entertainment.

  2. 0:02 *plays super mario lose live tune*

  3. So scary!!! Glad he's okay!

  4. you don't cheat death. you conquer the mfer!

  5. +The Weather Channel I've seen this before on World's Wildest Police Videos! That is cool. Narrated by Sheriff John Bunnell, obviously. (There are a couple other videos seen on WWPV that are weather-related. Suggest you snatch 'em up for Weather Gone Viral.)