Virus (1999) – All observations

All Insights from the Extraterrestrial Life Forms of Virus (1999)

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OST virus

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  1. Virus (1999) – All Sightings

    Virus was a movie I seen shortly after Deep Rising. I adored it for the massive amount of practical effects work that went into it. Almost 30 studios were involved in the creation of these elaborate and often time huge animatronic creatures. The CG versions of the creatures were beautifully animated, such flowing and aggressive movement made them super threatening, the only down side was the lighting was a little off making them stand out a little too much.

    Despite that this has and always will be one of my favorite monster movies. It's got some solid acting in there especially from Joanna Pacula (the Russian scientist they find onboard). It's got charm, gore, scares and just a great fun film to watch.

    Movie Junkie

  2. Hey, Your brain never ok Its freaking weird.. XD

  3. Calm down with the fucking background music for fuck sake

  4. movie is a junk. Literally made of junk.

  5. Awesome throwback! Imagine the goliath machine merges with the thing that would end for humanity…

  6. 0:14 I turned up the volume forgetting that there's no sound in space.

    But then there was sound in space.

  7. Stop wasting bullets and start using water guns, its cheaper and more effective

  8. What happened to the indian and the black guy ? They were cool 🙁

  9. I remember this being scary as hell

  10. 14:25 what kinda Xenmorph attacked him?? Maybe the terminator or something?? Btw on meh grams account

  11. 5:06 why does that sound remind me of the alien so much?

  12. Your surver has crash please what four more instruction's

  13. It's the first movie that a black person does not die

  14. The resemblance to Star Trek's borg is funny.

  15. Does anyone else hear the word "nuts"?
    It's cool for a short movie

  16. Is it really so difficult to find a man in the US speaking Russian so that he can normally write phrases in Russian in 1999? "Помогайте меня" – in English it sounds like "help there."

  17. I NEEDED TO WIN I WANTED TO SURVIVE.. I actually wanted the robot to win it wanted to live

  18. That was close. Almost had a Borg problem

  19. virus for some odd ass reason scares the shit out of me stil.

  20. Don’t wanna seem racist but that black dude on the crew is stupid. “Curiosity killed the cat” man

  21. The Thing, but instead of flesh and bone, it's with wires and cogs.

  22. I hope they make a sequel or a remake.

  23. I haven't seen this movie but I've seen enough to come to this conclusion: EVERYBODY FUCKIN DEAD AS FUCK, with the exception of 2 or 3 lucky characters that are the main character

  24. fun FX wasted on bleh movie.

  25. When a robot says "checkmate," You know You're fucked

  26. reminds me of both zerg infested and terrans (starcraft 2 reference)

  27. I’ve never even heard of this movie. And it’s fantastic!

  28. Okay, I'll give them credit. As terrible as this movie looks (even by '90s schlock standards), it did have astonishing special effects. That first cyborg looked positively nauseating.