What the phased distribution of vaccines will look like in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – As the United States braces for the possibility of a coronavirus vaccine, San Diego County public health officials have detailed which groups will see the vaccine first.

Dr Wilma Wooten, head of public health for San Diego County, said the state plans to receive 327,000 doses by mid-December, including about 28,000 doses to San Diego County.

According to the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, vaccine distribution phases will follow:

Phase 1A: Healthcare workers, nursing home residents, nursing home employees
Phase 1B: People with underlying health problems
Phase 2: Teachers, school staff, educators, food supply chain workers; Critical workers in industries essential to the function of society; People and staff working in correctional facilities; All elderly people not in phase 1
Phase 3: Children and young adults aged 30 and under, critical workers not in phase 1 or 2
Phase 4: Everyone living in the United States

Wooten added that the county’s first round of vaccines will have to go to phase 1A and that there are well over 28,000 people in the first phase alone.

“It’s not just the doctors and nurses, it’s other healthcare workers who could bring food to people in their rooms who have COVID-19 or an interview or janitors,” Wooten said of the phase 1A group on Wednesday. “So these are at the top of the list, the acute care facilities. Again, this is going to be very difficult. We’re working on the numbers and the process right now. But the good news is that the first shipment is not going to be our last shipment. “

Wooten said the second round of vaccine distribution will likely take place within three weeks of the first round. She added that Phase 4 of the cast will likely take place in March and April.

The FDA is due to meet on December 10 to discuss the issuance of emergency use authorization for Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine. If EUA is approved, shipments could start within 24 hours.

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