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Spoilers for Captain Marvel below.

Lately, I was thinking about what would happen if now, in my thirties, I began to look again at the series that resonated so deeply with me in my youth. Although I want to go back to what was so familiar to me, I fear that the resonance and the emotional kicks will manifest themselves in this way. Buffy against the vampires offered in my teens and early twenties will not stick. I often find myself flipping through my DVD workbooks, trying to participate in the final Buffy, who echoed with me so much in the day: a resounding "Yay! Girl power!" message that each The girl has the strength, power, courage and resilience of a killer, literally. But Captain Marvel I'm relieved of this temptation. It turns out that in 2019, the "Yay! Girl Power!" the message alone can not carry a movie.

Brie Larson is not the problem here. The Oscar-winning actress embodies the human Air Force pilot become the intergalactic hero Kree Carol Danvers (or Vers, as she is known in her world of adoption, Hala), and she makes the most of from what she told Anna Boden writers, Ryan Fleck. and Geneva Dorwet-Robinson. But in addition to its simplistic overall message, the film suffers from sometimes unfair expectations. The filmmakers Boden and Fleck were responsible for covering a lot of material as a result of Avengers: war in the infinite and in the perspective of Avengers: End of the gameand that's a lot to put on the shoulders of any movie, let alone the first female superheroine of your studio.

For the uninitiated, a brief overview: Captain Marvel is the 21st Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film. At the end of War of InfinityThanos, an alien, decimates half of the Earth's population in a snap, supposedly for the good of humanity. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, also co-starring in Captain Marvel as a younger version of himself than only just Uncanny Valley) is one of the missing, but before falling into dust in the last moments of IWhe sends a distress signal to Carol by pager. At this point, the hero is unknown to the public. (Basically, the assumption is that she and Scott Lang, father of the Ant-Man group, played by Paul Rudd, will play a key role in solving the problem of Thanos in the future. End of Game.)


Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel 'Her work was twofold: introducing Carol and informing the public about her story and building on the war between the alien races Kree and Skrull that longtime MCU fans briefly see in Guardians of the Galaxy and the only TV show from Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It's perfect if you've seen every Marvel movie …Captain Marvel is an essential springboard for you War of Infinity at End of Game. And the movie works if you're a girl for whom the simple message of "girls power!" Always works. You'll have plenty of them here, with repeated flashbacks showing Carol as an aggressive girl (played by McKenna Grace and London Fuller) who grew up with the message that she was not strong enough to go karting or playing boys' baseball, and later, that it is not good enough to train with them for the air force. Carol's flashbacks that are erased in her various attempts are repeated throughout the film before switching the switch (which even the most casual viewer will see coming) to show us that after each failure, she picked herself up and moved forward – and c & # 39; which gives him strength. Faced with the betrayal of his male mentor (Yon-Rogg of Jude Law) in the third act, Carol refuses to submit to his demands and confronts him in hand-to-hand combat; instead, it simply blows it up into a rock formation (a gesture that is very much reminiscent of Indiana Jones versus the swordsman in The adventurers of the lost arch) with the words: "I have nothing to prove to you."


Everything feels very Joss Whedon-Lite, and maybe that should not be surprising, as Whedon wrote and directed The Avengers and Avengers: the era of Ultron. When the DC Wonder Woman debuts, I noticed Patty Jenkins certainly had a point of view, but one of the main flaws of the film was to rely on the tone and aesthetics of franchise director Zack Snyder (James Wan only). just Snyder broke through the Grimdark DC universe, sepia, with last year Aquaman).

On the other hand, one of the aspects of the new generation of Marvel films that I appreciated is the creative license that the gigantic studio gave to filmmakers who manage their solo hero films. Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Black Panther they all have the features of an MCU movie (including the same problem as all MCU movies – the imposed final boss battle imposed by CGI and imposing the third act), but they also have a separate director perspective. Take Black PantherFor example, from the very first moments in Oakland, there is no mistake: you look at a Ryan Coogler joint. Captain Marvel lacks the perspective that has made Marvel's recent films feel less chore – movies we all must see to follow the pop culture (what happens when a studio has every franchise you like) and more like a unique cinematic experience. None of these films were, say, Yorgos Lanthimos. The favouritebut they had at least one personality.

"Larson's calls for the inclusion of women and people of color during the film's press tour were deeper and more nuanced than the message of feminine power of the film that she promotes. "

Boden and Fleck's views may have simply been that girls and women are strong. This is a very valid perspective, of course, and with which I totally agree! However, the message is hallmarked, gimmicky and flat. Honestly, Larson's calls for the inclusion of women and people of color during the film's press tour had more depth and nuance than the girl's power message of the movie she's promoting. Captain Marvel The message gives the impression of a company that ends up appearing as if Marvel knew she was catching up. It took only four films in DC in four years to make a superhero movie directed by a woman. Marvel has been doing this since ten years.

Given all that they had to do in a film, the nuance may have suffered. The narration did to a certain extent. The writers and the film crew tried to tell the story in an interesting way by letting us down. in the media Carol in Hala's life and keep her in the dark about her old life. And while it will certainly work for some, others may not accept the pace of the first act, as well as the many details revealed that are never returned. I would have loved to learn more about Carol's family, always present in the same flashback, for example; we are told in a disposable line that she did not get along with them. The lack of character development, even minor, in Carol's Hala's teammates, played by Gemma Chan and Djimon Hounsou, is frustrating, while characters like Ronan of Lee Pace can Deus Ex machina-to viewers who have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy. Meanwhile, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is quite liked in the group of MCUs, and the Captain Marvel The script sells it as a sketch of the character we have come to know.


Djimon Hounsou, Gemma Chan and Jude Law in Captain Marvel


And that's it, as Black Panther, Captain Marvel will attract new viewers simply because of its "primacy". Points of the plot need to be explained, not supposed. But while Ryan Coogler could make a film without the burden of War of Infinity, which seemed almost detached from the rest of the MCU, Boden and Fleck could not, so Carol finds herself weighed down by T'Challa in addition to being the "first" of her kind. (We also had the advantage of meeting T'Challa and talking to him Captain America: Civil War, where Carol simply has an icon on a pager.)

It's not that Carol can not bear this burden. She is a 100% capable character to become that pillar of strength and Larson can both do an online reading and portray the inner demons of a hero, just like Robert Downey Jr. Maria Rambeau, former pilot of the Air Force, plays chemistry and ease. And Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, the head of the Skrulls extraterrestrials looking for a refuge far from home, provides both humor and a superb emotional grounding. Watching Carol, Talos and Maria playing at Maria's house in Louisiana offers some of the film's most captivating moments.

But while the ratings were high, the film as a whole relied too much on its message about the power of girls – so much so that it did not feel organic. Although I will be delighted each little girl who finds a source of strength or courage at Carol Danvers, it must be said that where Captain Marvel could have climbed a bit like his titular character, he simply fell flat.

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