Why Antonio Rudiger's brother wants César Azpilicueta to be stripped of his captaincy in Chelsea


Antonio Rudiger's brother called for the dismissal of César Azpilicueta from his post as captain in Chelsea and the appointment of his brother or sister.

Saif Rubie, who played a key role in Rudiger's signing for the Blues since 2017, went on Twitter to blame the Spaniard for handling the Kepa Arrizabalaga incident in the final. of the Carabao Cup.

The professional football agent – although not being Rudiger's agent – has since deleted his tweets.

Kepa provoked indignation when Manchester City defeated Chelsea, who refused to be replaced by substitute goalkeeper Willy Caballero.

Maurizio Sarri wanted to make things happen in anticipation of the imminent penalty shootout, but Kepa, who believed his coach wanted to remove him because he was injured, got stuck on his heels.

Cesar Azpilicueta is the current captain of Chelsea

What followed was a field fight between the player and the boss before Sarri surrendered and canceled the replacement.

Azpilicueta did not get involved when the incident occurred at Wembley. He then confided to Sky Sports that he was not aware of what was happening because he was elsewhere on the ground.

Chelsea fans reacted angrily to his comments. Many netizens have tweeted about the fact that he should have, as a club captain, ensured that it involves him, and Rubie is in agreement.

Antonio Rudiger joined Chelsea in 2017

After the incident, Rudiger's brother tweeted: "I'm a fan of Azpi, but as a captain, he should never have allowed what happened with the [goalkeeper] refusing to happen, "

"For me, he needs him to take away the captaincy, [goalkeeper] abandoned in the foreseeable future and Rudiger named captain of Chelsea as a true leader. "

Azpilicueta was fined a week's salary for his role in the last drama of the Cup and has now apologized to his manager, his teammates and fans.

Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to leave the field

In a statement, the Spaniard said: "I was very happy to be competing in my first Chelsea Cup final yesterday and very proud of the team's performance.

"I have thought a lot about the events of yesterday.Even though there was a misunderstanding, on reflection, I made a big mistake in the way I've managed the situation.

Maurizio Sarri remembers with Kepa the sideline

"I wanted to take the time today to apologize fully and in person to the coach, Willy, my teammates and the club.I'm what I'm going to do. have done and I now wish to present the same apologies to the supporters.

"I will learn from this episode and accept any punishment or discipline that the club deems appropriate."

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