Why Captain Marvel has changed the role of Annette Bening from one man to the other


Spoiler Warning: Again, you should see Captain Marvel before reading this article. Come back after watching the movie!

Captain Marvel is finally out of the halls and it looks like it will be a healthy opening weekend for MCU's latest. Fans of the film this weekend finally got the long awaited answers, including the true identity of Annette Bening's character. She had previously been confirmed that she would embody the Kree's Supreme Intelligence, but her character has an extra twist – or should I say characters.

Annette Bening also plays Wendy Lawson, known as Kree Mar-Vell, the character who inspires Carol Danvers most. In comics, Mar-Vell is a man (Walter Lawson) who bears the name of superheroes, Captain Marvel, and is a lover interest of Carol. Marvel Studios have decided to reverse the genre, and Kevin Feige explained why they had decided to follow this path.

As Kevin Feige told ET, it looks like they originally brought Annette Bening aboard to play only Supreme Intelligence. In the film, S.I. is the chief of AI of Kree and takes the form of the most admired person of all his interlocutors. Co-director Anna Boden had the idea that Carol's vision should be that of Mar-Vell. So, Mar-Vell should also be played by Bening.

Since Mar-Vell's role was initially limited, it was an idea that worked quite well for the film. Rocking the character according to sex certainly does not have a negative impact on Captain Marvel and there is never any reason to refuse to add more Annette Bening to anything.

You can see Annette Bening as Mar-Vell whenever you want because Captain Marvel is in theaters right now. To learn more about the movie before your screening, here's what we know so far.

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