Witten's production had dropped to 35 years, he will return to 37 years – ProFootballTalk


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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is confident that Jason Witten can still play. Others may be less confident.

That's because Witten was starting to have doubts even though in 2017 he was wondering if he still had them. In 2017, Witten posted a career-high average of 8.9 yards per career, with 63 assists and 560 yards being his record since his rookie season of 2003, when he was mostly a backup.

Witten was 35 in 2017 and will turn 37 in 2019. It's hard to see how he'll be better two years older and having spent a year not playing at all.

So, Witten is going to have a tough battle to get back to the Pro Bowl form that he's already shown. He may even have a difficult battle just to be worthy of a list place. Even though the Cowboys are convinced he is better than a broadcaster.

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