A Tribe Called Red – The Virus Ft. Saul Williams, Chippewa Travelers (Official Video)


Get now the new album of the tribe called "We are the Halluci nation":

Catch us on tour! You can get your tickets here:
12/09 – Ottawa, ON – The Bronson Center
19/01 – Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Hall (Out of Stock)
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01/21 – Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Room
25/01 – London, United Kingdom – Oslo Hackney
26/01 – Berlin, GER – Lido Berlin
24/03 – Auckland, NZ – Auckland Arts Festival

We would especially like to thank MuchFACT, DAIS, Pirates Blend Records and MadRuk Entertainment for contributing to the realization of this project!

Produced for the Halluci Nation by DAIS & Mad Ruk
Made for the Halluci Nation by Tunkasila
Writers: Bear Witness, Sol Guy & Ezra Miller for the Halluci Nation

"Produced with financial assistance from MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc."
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A tribe called red:

Saul Williams:

Chippewa Travelers:


Halluci Nation
Guardian: Mathew Creasian
Goalkeeper: Devery Jacobs
Goalkeeper: Narcy
Guardian: Dr. Ngozi
Elder: Bears Mom Monique Mohica aka Bear Mom

Saul Williams: Saul Williams
Youth: Brooklyn (daughter of Big Rez)
Woman: Jiji
Woman: Rupi Kaur
Man: Budda
ALie Nation: Hasan Hazime
ALie Nation: Viktor Micic

Production Company: DAIS & Mad Ruk Entertainment
Director: Sol Guy
Director: Ezra Miller
Producer: Mark Andrew Sirju
Production: Director Elliot Clancy-Osberg
1st Assistant: Director: Mario Scenna
2nd assistant: Director: Jacob McIntyre
Choreographer: Zack Winokur
Director of Photography: Rafe Scobey-Thal
1st AC: Keenan Lynch
2nd AC / DMT: Jon Elliot
Gaffer: Bryan Angarita
Best electric boy: Chow Khanseng Mein
3rd Electric: Zach Duchin
Key Grip: Spencer Johnston
Best Boy: Jordan Heighington
Swing: Bradley Chowace
Decorator: Stephen Depko
Master of the props: Michael Tessier
Hairstyle and Makeup: Gillian Berry
HMU Assistant: Lisa Diane Rueckert
Costume Designer: Caitlin Wright
Deputy costumes: Shirin Nadjafi
Production Assistant: Nick Telesca
Production Assistant: Matt Johnson
Production Assistant: Janelle Bartley
Production Assistant: Jaclyn McBride
Handicraft Services: Rafaela D Scully
Catering: iFeed Catering, Patrick Simaan
Stills Photographer: Ruthie Titus



33 thoughts on “A Tribe Called Red – The Virus Ft. Saul Williams, Chippewa Travelers (Official Video)”

  1. Came here to listen to this video to feel the power and hope. Much appreciation and respect towards the first nations people who have been through so much and still fight,
    "We are not a conquered people"

  2. The "A Tribe called Red" Artist group has been infiltrated by their contractors and banking associates who help fund them. How do I know? "Aliah" in "Aliah nation" is Arabic for "high or exalted", as in "Exalted nation", and where as this is not bad, the Album appears to support or connect the viewer to Islam and the Eye of Ra, and I am inclined to believe the Funding and Contract control is to direct the viewer out of Tribal Way and into the Secret Society programming.

    Fooling people into Islam would confuse people of Red Nation away from their true culture.

  3. When Indians start doing this shit you know somebody big fucked up
    STUFFS IN DRAFTS FOLDER THEN OUTBOX. Let’s NOT tell the Mayor. Make them guess right? FUCK OFFFFFFFFF you’re FUCKED DRAGGING YOUR SORRY FUCKING ASSES ALL THE WAY TO CARSON CITY NEVADA PENA NIETO. Murder trials. Attempted murder. Extortion. Treason. Torture. Terrorism. Embezzlement. Theft. Threats. Fuck off. You mother fuckers are dead. Oscar Goodman’s son found unconscious in a park restroom. I never had to go to Mexico. I could have easily planted my ass in his restaurant. You better start praying to your god. Securities fraud
    Indie ann®️
    Red ?

  4. The gennocide of the Europeans through the witch trials, the bloody "unification" of China, and the war that was already happening in the great lakes region of North America all simultaneously(we are supposed to believe that it was all just random chance with no contact between lands by those who still have technology from our last era). We have been separated from our past and the source, and are being used to enslave each other. All come from the same past. Step 1: invasion (seperated children from parents) Step 2:L religion (change native diets so fear of death from lack of nutrition works with fear based religion and reduce linguistic capacity by changing the language to English)) Step 3: militarizing to do the same thing again to another nation with the nation that was just enslaved (they also do it with gangs taking advantage of young people that have no future in a system designed against life). Lets put an end to blind obedience and cult rituals of death through their ritualistic world wars. Recognize our true past and stop seperating into poly(many sided) ticks(blood sucking parasites)

  5. I am Nation for those that gave it a thumbs down nice makes no sense as of us to you why what if we ever did to any white man or woman or children trust me when I tell you this all of you ever did to us Nations is the greatest take everything from us and treat us like dirt thank you once again for the thumbs down this shows your ignorance your selfishness and I have pity on all of you

  6. line it upto knock it down/ come out swinging heavy hitter/ pound./
    doin my best to Overcome and rock it out/ cravin new & BIGGER SOUND.
    /make your head bob and toes tap/ whether its bass n' drum or some heavy trap/
    gettin inspiration for these bars; got the illest rap/ THATS why they call me S.Y.K/ sick for those you who cant recognize an acronym/ open your ears & eyes/ memorize my words like a hymn/ music is my church/ come get your baptism/
    i bare my soul/ God grip my heart/ beg for mercy, / a new start/
    new begginings/ building my own lil' empire/
    givin away the trappings/ you can keep the winnings/
    i Dont need materials/ i keep it plain and simple- clean like antibacterials/ educated on the power of my words/ thats why the dopest bars drop law like emperials.

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