Agent Boxing Video With Texas Teen Goes Viral

Agent Winston Bowen stated that everything had started when he had been called to answer a complaint about noise at Hillcrest Apartments.



  1. Thats cuz black cops are the only honest ones

  2. give that cop a raise. instead of showin up shooting he did some sports with the kids

  3. That nigga ain't Blade, he Ali

  4. I think he's a cool cop. Rare thing these days.

  5. Now let’s switch it to a white police officer boxing a black teenager…

  6. Weighing in at 203 Bllllaaaade "one time" Mayweeeatheeerrr ??? dude got dem hands ??

  7. The brotha "policeman" gave him a quick fade , on some old school ( slap boxing ) type deal. Sometimes respect comes with a little friendly aggression. The hood will have this mans back 100%


  9. Yo, who disliked this? That's cool ASF

  10. I had to click and wash this video nice police officer he yes respect it by the community

  11. He got fired right after this

  12. So what a cop having innocent fun they can have fun too…

  13. Nothing wrong with that . Respect

  14. Aye Blade got them heaters ????

  15. i respect that man and if he gets in trouble that bullshit..

  16. whatever thumbs down this is Loco?

  17. But they don’t acknowledge murders

  18. Only pussies disliked the video

  19. That's so cool wish we had cops like him here but nah we just have racist ass motherfuckers waiting to get shot in face with a 12 Gage shotgun

  20. I'm glad he didn't drop his gun, like the FBI Agent clowning around.

  21. It ain't the black cops we have a problem with…smh

  22. Good for him, that was cool of him

  23. This officer knows DA WAE ?

  24. My mans cant box for shit. Had he not been boxing an officer he wouldve gotten knocked tf out. Never put your head down in a fight ppl

  25. Wow officer stayed low nice skills.

  26. I doubt you’ll ever see a white cop like this.