Logan Paul Fight Video goes viral | HollywoodLife

Logan Paul's fighting video becomes viral as he prepares to go against KSI in a celebrity boxing match. More – Jake Paul and Chloe Lmao fight.

Logan Paul's 23rd birthday party took an unexpected turn when it was tagged and quoted at Yosemite National Park on April 1st, according to The Blast. A representative of the US National Parks Service alleges that one of his guards saw the Youtuber and his friends circulating in the park above Logan's blue school bus. Not only were they at the top of the bus, but they were also sitting inside the tents that were attached to the roof. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, right? Interestingly, Logan took full responsibility, and was cited for an "illegal operation".

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Logan Paul Fight Video goes viral | HollywoodLife



  1. I think Logan Paul is going to win

  2. logan paul!! ( the winner side)

  3. MMA 4 years, what id give for 30 seconds in a locked box with this bitch

  4. U know what the danger is…he did it with his left hand (._. ‘)

  5. I dont understand why logan the prick missed so much of his shots on a taller and bigger dude like bruh..

  6. "another famous YouTuber KSI" not gonna lie nobody's ever heard of KSI until he called out the Pauls (no hate or anything just saying)

  7. you realize that it's just sparring right? ???

  8. They didn't like her vine cus of anything but that she was cringy she doesn't own anything

  9. Not a fan of any of them but ksi is gonna get knocked the fuck out

  10. Ahhh that bitch a lil clout chaser bc there is a lot of other people doing that same vine and that bitch don’t do shit ? ahh she funny ?