An anti-Trump Facebook call goes viral, and a tiny charity has to figure out how to spend $ 25 million

[ad_1] Getty Images / Joe Raedle One day, you are a small charity with annual revenues of $ 7 million. The next day, you sit on a mountain of donations of $ 25 million, thanks to a Facebook call turned viral. But can a little charity like this face such a deluge of gifts? This … Read more

We should think deeply about the viral video of Alison Ettel – and the importance of the video

[ad_1] It happened again: a white woman called – or pretended to call – the black police for a minor transgression. You've probably heard of it before: the viral video in which a Bay Area resident was recorded. accused of being racist, Alison Ettel, who lives in San Francisco, became angry because an 8-year-old black … Read more

Viral videos have inspired massive reactions on social media

[ad_1] SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The video showdown is not new, but the power of social media has caused an instant outrage online and, in some cases, has affected the filmed person's businesses. The sociologist tells KRON4 that this is essentially about justice, especially for people of color and other marginalized groups who do not … Read more

How foreign viral video stars challenge stereotypes

[ad_1] From the end of 2016, people who pass through Wudaokou – a popular area of ​​Beijing due to its proximity to neighboring universities – may have noticed a young man walking around the area, trying to talk to his family. foreign compatriots … camera. Although the black haired expat is often politely but firmly … Read more

A boy whose Michael Jackson dance moves became viral receives a "thrilling" gift from the cop

[ad_1] Javon Dendy, 12, went viral last week when a Greenville cop shared a video of his Michael Jackson dance moves. Now the same cop has given a gift to help him watch the game. (Photo: Greenville Police Department) (CBS News) – Javon Dendy's dance is so good that it could be confused with the … Read more