The dollar has a fourth trading session followed by a high and close at R $ 3.76

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The trading dollar closed on Monday, day 11, quoted at R $ 3.7630 for the sale, top of 0.80%. During this fourth trading session, the currency reacted to the global movement of risk aversion to concerns over the US-China trade war.

With the return of the Asian market to business, after a week off to celebrate the lunar new year in China, the week started cautiously on the world market. "Influenced mainly by the tensions over the trade war between the Americans and the Chinese, who have until March 1 to conclude a trade agreement before the Americans raise the $ 200 billion tariffs. Chinese imports, "he said. According to the chief economist SulAmérica Investimentos

the outside has exerted such pressure on the exchange today, so much so that the real was likened to the downward movement of main emerging currencies [de países] also influenced by the withdrawal of oil. ", commented the director of the investment firm Mirae, Pablo Spyer.

Tuesday, the agenda of indicators being emptied, the market turns to Beijing, where is the delegation of the US government round of negotiations with China on the trade war and the speech of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

"It is always important to follow owell. Let's see if he'll keep the Fed's latest statement, reiterating his "patience," Spyer said.

The Mirae director pointed out that the currency bias should remain elevated, with the market "in expectation "." Ibovespa, the main indicator of the performance of the most traded shares of B3, formerly BM & F Bovespa, ended with the commercial war .

São Paulo Stock Exchange

the trading session fell 0.98% to 94,412 points. The record index of 98,588 points was recorded on the last day

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