Donald Greene Jr and Donald Greene Sr accused of selling ill body parts in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL – A father and son in Chicago are accused of selling ill body parts on the black market.

Donald Greene Sr. and Donald Greene Jr. are also charged with knowingly selling the coins without telling their buyers.

The Greenes were originally the Illinois Biological Resource Center, now closed, which the FBI investigated four years ago.

At the time, they would have promised that the bodies would go to medical research. But the bodies have never been donated.

According to a search warrant obtained by WBBM, a mother would have learned that her son's fabrics would be donated to colleges and research centers.

Parts of him sold for $ 5,000. The bodies known to have HIV, sepsis and hepatitis were kept on ice and then sold, some up to $ 100,000, specified the warrant.

Lawyers have now accused the Greenes of what American lawyers call a ploy "to scam customers from the Illinois Biological Resource Center".

It is not illegal to dismember and negotiate parts of the body, in and of itself.

However, it is illegal to knowingly sell positive for infectious diseases, like what the Greenes would have done from 2008 to 2014.

Greene Sr. is charged with wire fraud. His son faces a crime for intentional concealment of a crime.

The authorities said they were taken to the Greenes during an investigation into Detroit's body broker, Arthur Rathburn, who is currently in a federal prison.

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