The viral poem of the student asks "Why am I not good enough?

Olivia Vella recited a powerful poem about insecurities for her seventh grade writing class.

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  1. I was listening to this crying. Thinking this is who I was a few weeks ago only to notice that, I have friends that care about me. Not that fake. So from this day on I vogue that I will go to these friends and respect them. Knowing they are the only reason I changed!

  2. and people wonder why teens kill themselves

  3. bot relateable i an my self even tho they hate it AM ME SUKASSS. if u see this haters

  4. I love this. It inspires me. And if society thinks that about girls and women, then I hate it. Because girls and women are so much more then that.

  5. To whoever reading this: don’t ever change yourself everyone is talented and special on this planet you are beautiful just the way you are and stand up for yourself cause you are important! I can relate to this so much but just remember you’re special

  6. she is amazing she can feel confident and say a poem to the class i cant even say hello without feeling shy :3

  7. I'm in 5th and that's what happens i can very much agree that was beautiful I am crying she has a hard life so do I and middle school is going to suck

  8. I ask my self that question everyday

  9. When she says “I wish I had her eyes, I wish I had her hair, I wish I wAs as skinny as her, I wish I had her perfectly straight teeth, I wish I had her social confidence, I wish as many boys liked me as I like her” is what many ppl say about me and it hurts. Yes I like being popular but I also hate it. Everyone wants u to be a certain way and I hate it.

  10. It's all true, even in high school.

  11. Fucking useless Americans
    Emotions are for the gays

  12. She is such an inspiration If are Reading this: you are beautyfull❤️

  13. I just got out of middle school and I’ve been bullied a lot. I agree that we are all special but unless you are physically beaten then the best thing to do is turn the other cheek and silently endure. The world will crush under its foot, but there is a defense. I call it getting back up. Society may be full of fools but that will never change because it is the nature of man. Truly consider these words before you dislike my comment.

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  15. I wish I had the confidence to Sat all this in front of every one

  16. Omg I am in tears. This is incredible. I feel like this everyday. I always feel fat. The about me behind my back. Then when I cry they pretend to care i don’t under stand.

  17. Thank you I really needed that speech at the moment that girl is incredible ??

  18. im hideous
    i cant even look at myself in the mirror

  19. I RELATE SO MUCHHHHHHHH actually tho…..

  20. Dang I’m going into 7th grade and I never felt like I was good enough after hearing you…. I’m not gonna let my feelings win I’m not gonna let others bring me down

  21. ….I….I just…wow….I don't know what to say….I always wanted to say something so they would understand me…but I never knew how…but now…I know what to tell them….this girl should meet the President…she deserve happiness…a happy life…and no no one is good enough…

  22. 1:341:49 is actually reality for me…

  23. Ok I have a serious question why are the mean kids popular and the people who care and are nice aren't? Why would someone want to be around such hateful people? So they can help most hateful people aren't shown love so they don't know how to