SoulCycle spinning teacher Stacey Griffith names Covid Vax for teachers


SoulCycle instructors can be described as so many things: athletes, guides, inspirations, body shamers, sadists with too much power. But a word I never attributed SoulCycle instructors is an “educator”, because the only educating what happens in the studio is explaining how to detach from the bike. But ‘educator’ is exactly how famous SoulCycle instructor Stacey Griffith described her craft in order to get covid-19. vaccine in New York, where teachers are seen as a priority group as they teach children basic skills teach wealthy adults how to exploit. Tomato, tomahto.

Griffith was vaccinated on Friday according to Page six and on Monday his disciples had shown him the error of his ways. A post Griffith posted boasting about receiving the vaccine has been deleted and replaced with an apology post.

When it comes to celebrity apologies, Griffith’s is particularly uninspiring and tasteless.. In particular in New York where Griffith’s antics fit a larger model of whites taking vaccinations aimed at residents of black and brown neighborhoods. Griffith, who lives in Manhattan, received his vaccine in Staten Island according to the Daily beast, which I refuse to recognize as part of the state of New York, geographically speaking, it matters.

Before apologizing, Griffith firmly defended her interpretation of what she does in the life of the Daily beast:

“Getting vaccinated can stop the short spread within groups!” Griffith told the Daily Beast. “I work as a commonality for a lot of overlapping people. In my profession as a health and wellness teacher, my daily priority is to keep my community and its respiratory system functioning at full capacity so that they can defeat this virus if they are infected with it. I can only teach them if I am healthy myself.

She went on to say that “all teachers” were eligible for the vaccine and encouraged them to sign up. Regarding Griffith’s desire to protect his community (the one she would intimidate without mercy), his community is made up of wealthy whites who run their course in the Hamptons all summer long without wearing a mask. Or maybe she was referring to the community of runners from the TriBeCa and Hudson yards who followed the courses until November. I really don’t know which Griffith community is trying to protect, but maybe she should advise them to take their protection into their own hands. Can’t they just buy the new SoulCycle home bike and stay home or doesn’t Griffith get the same commission unless there are people in front of her?

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